Our No. 1 Locally Sourced Food Product is at Risk

Proposed Monument Expansion Area

  • Protect our local food source

  • Protect our right to fish

  • Support Hawaii’s gold standard fishery

  • Stop the fishing ban from moving forward with no public hearings

Fresh fish is Hawaii’s greatest locally sourced food product, and 80 percent of the fish caught in our waters feed our community. Now our fresh fish supply is at risk.

Why? In its current form, the proposed expansion of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument bans fishing in the area and increases the no-fishing zone by 350 percent.

No scientific evidence has been presented that supports the need to ban fishing, and no formal public hearings have been conducted to assess the impacts of this proposed action.

Hawaii’s fishery is globally recognized as a leader in conservation management. In the past decade, no monk seals, green turtles or humpback whales have been killed by longline fishermen in the proposed area.

We support the Monument expansion if our right to fish is protected. Our local economy, access to fresh fish and sustainable food supply depend on it.

Hawaii Longline Fishery